Activate Your Connection to God

In the cracks of my heart, I find the scars of my human experience.

They served me well.

They were the anchors through which I laid the foundation of my story.

They were the springboards of my glory and

The circuits through which I activated my connection to God.

Let me teach you how to get there:

Hello, my name is Valerie Zepeda and I am teaching women how to do their inner work in a 10-week live course and I am happy to announce it is starting again soon.

If you feel as though you are running from an inner sadness that you can't seem to shake off and you've tried distracting with work, friends, alcohol, drugs, shopping, or other means that just haven't worked, this may be just what you're looking for!

Please feel free to share this with any woman who may be looking for spiritual growth and healing.

A little about me, I am the creator of Spiritual Cardiology, a live weekly group course that teaches women how to become the archeologists of their story, how to liberate themselves from self-destructive behaviors, and practice self-love on a spiritual level.

Driven by personal experience, my mission is to teach other women the steps I took to make peace with my inner truth, how to surrender the victimhood mentality, and adopt a new perspective: We are not victims of our past but rather the product of collective lessons that contribute to our spiritual growth.

In this live weekly course, we laugh and cry as we unpack the things we try to avoid while reshaping the limiting perspectives that prevent us from tapping into their soul’s beauty. By building a sacred virtual community of like-minded women, where vulnerability and every unique story is celebrated, I am igniting a movement to empower all women to slay their inner demons.

For more info:

On Self-Worth and Love

I have fought so hard to love and respect myself,

to find my voice and defend myself,

to find the courage to protect me.

One of the hardest battles I've faced was finding the strength to protect my heart

which meant losing the person in front of me and continuing life alone into the unknown.

The unknown can be beautiful but I have to confront the fear of never finding love.

I must make peace with it, befriend it, and coexist with it.

I've been looking for love from such a young age

and just when it feels like I've met the right person

the universe shows me it's not them.

The silver lining is this:

As I've grown into who I am today,

I am not afraid to ask questions, seek clarity, fight for truth, and protect my heart.

Whereas before I was desperate to give it away only to have it broken.

Today, I know alone doesn't mean lonely.

It means honoring the value of my heart, the value of my body, and the value of my time and energy.

It means holding sacred the worth of who I've fought so hard to become.

The right one will be available and will only want me.

If you want to learn more about finding your self-worth, I have a free course coming up soon.

Course - Valerie Zepeda


Become her

She's been waiting for you.

She's been expecting your consciousness to move in her direction.

She is your future self. She is your unlimited potential calling out to you.

She is the better version of you, the healed version, the confident version, the self-actualized version of you.

The version of you that at times crossed your mind.

That woman who commands respect just by the rhythm of her walk. The way in which she composes and articulates her words. The one who knows that no matter what life throws at her, she's going to be okay because God's got her.

Yeah, that one.

She's calling out to you. You're ready to meet her just keep doing your inner work, she's going to meet you on the other side. 

Ready to do your inner work? I can guide you through it:

Course - Valerie Zepeda

You are Worthy of Spirituality

Do you live your life conditionally? Like, if this happens, then I am that. It's a lie. What media feeds you about yourself is a lie. You don't need anything to feel good about yourself. The wisdom to tap into the part of you that is divine, that is true and real, is in your deepest being. It is not in your waking and conditioned conscience but in your core self. When you finally surrender thought and sink into meditation, your authentic self, your spirit reveals itself. There you find the answers and strength to shed who you are not and move toward your true nature while awake in consciousness. You are worthy of the effort you put into your spiritual practice, it takes time but you will begin to feel joyful and lighter. And if you need to make a change with something that is holding you back or hurting you, accept that it served its purpose while you needed it, then change it. An alcoholic cannot stop drinking until they've admitted they have a problem. Everything must be acknowledged and accepted before it is healed. Then slowly, you move toward who you're meant to be by tapping into your divine true self through practicing meditation daily. Slowly increase the duration of your meditations. There are wonderful gifts in your authentic silence waiting to be unwrapped and felt only by you.

I want to help you find your spiritual self:

Course - Valerie Zepeda

A Woman's Will

For a woman that's walked through fire, you can break her heart into a million pieces, yet she will get back up and dust herself off.

Through tears and laughter, she repairs herself over and over again.

And she will always maintain her hope and faith for better days. She is joyful despite the contrast in her past because she walks in God's grace and embodies God's glory.

Never underestimate the power of a woman who's done the work. For she holds within her an incessant desire to experience life's treasures despite all the disappointments along the way.

If you ever meet a woman like this one, buckle up and get ready for enchantment, adventure, and pure love.

I want to give you the roadmap to your rebirth:

Course - Valerie Zepeda

Spiritual Pulse

The pain in our hearts pumps messages through our veins and ignites the pulses of our destructive needs, and we sprint into action by reaching for the bottle of alcohol or pills, reaching for our phone, reaching for food, or connecting with people who are toxic for our health.

That pulse is a cry out that God wants you to come home, to go inward and find him inside of you. The effect of that toxic sprint grabs our attention – it’s that self-inflicted pain I’ve been talking about. We’re being guided home into our better selves. After treading the muddled path back in, it’s there – our salvation. It’s a home for the brave who dare explore the dark truth of themselves.

Heaven was in us all along. We just needed to go through hell to get there. Why? I don’t know. You’ll have to meditate and talk to God about that. I just know that’s how life works for those who relentlessly pursue inner peace, joy, growth, and wisdom.

I want to guide you there. Spiritual Cardiology starts again in September 2021. Signup for updates below:

Course - Valerie Zepeda

On Turning 40...

This week I turned 40. 

I took some time to reflect on entering a new decade of my time here on earth and I want to share with you these insights. I don't want to pretend life is great when I know we all struggle with something behind the smiles on social media. I want to destigmatize talking about our struggles. That's why I started Spiritual Cardiology. 

Truthfully, lately, I feel my body changing. I get hot flashes regularly and haven't had a period in months. The knots in my shoulders bother me so I get massages as often as I can. I'm overweight and nursing a broken heart. These are the types of things we don't post in our story. The reality is, life's curveballs don't stop when you do inner work. 

Despite the inner work I've done, I still make mistakes and still feel lack at times. I still struggle with my ego-mind. It's part of life. But the beauty about inner work is that I am conscious of my unconscious thoughts and behavior. I am capable of observing it and correcting it immediately. When before, self-loathing and self-criticism were my autopilot and there was no awareness of it because I was fully engulfed in that identity. There is no cure for trauma. It doesn't get erased when you do inner work. But you can make it your ally. I used that negative emotion to guide me and show me the roots of my inner thorns. 

I'm far from perfect nor do I strive to be. All I am is courageous. 

Courageous enough to ask deep questions that made me confront my deepest insecurities and my most painful memories with the intention of learning about what was eating away at me, to provide compassion to those parts of me I abandoned long ago. 

Courageous enough to admit when I'm wrong and give my all to being a better human being.

Courageous enough to mold my life according to God's will and begin speaking my truth.

Courageous enough to navigate life through the setbacks and beauty without numbing myself and become me - who I am today.

Courageous enough to put my dreams out there and risk ridicule and criticism from people who know the old me.
If there's one thing I am sure of, it's the inner work I've done. I made peace with my inner demons - they've become my allies and the truth is sometimes they still need to be tamed but that's my cue because they are calling my attention to go inside of myself. So when the self-critic starts talking, I am aware of it and transform it.

I'm so faithful to this work that I'm writing a book about it and teaching it.

Do I struggle? Yes.

But I move past the struggle with faith, courage, and consciousness because it was God's will for all of us.

It's my soul's mission to teach this to other women who are ready to brave the tumultuous terrain of their inner worlds. 

I know many of us struggle behind the smiles. I don't want us to struggle alone. I want to destigmatize inner turmoil. I want our souls to flourish by releasing the pain we stuff deep down in our hearts. I want to usher you toward your personal liberation from your unique story. I want you to accept it but not allow it to dominate you and your emotions.

I want to teach you that suffering is part of the human experience but it doesn't have to be permanent.

Inner peace can be achieved. But it doesn't mean life is perfect and won't throw you curve balls because we're human beings who make mistakes and are surrounded by other humans who do the same.

Inner peace is becoming utterly self-aware with the ability to observe our ego and feel compassion for those who are suffering.

Inner peace is the ability to self-soothe without numbing yourself.
Inner peace is joy at your very core for the simplest of life's pleasures.
Inner peace is the love of self on a spiritual level.
Inner peace is freedom from addictions.
Inner peace is enjoying your own company.
Inner peace is respecting your authenticity and boundaries no matter who disagrees.
Inner peace is being okay with people distancing themselves because your growth is uncomfortable for them.
Inner peace is emotional freedom because you've made peace with the story that broke you.
Inner peace is accepting that God lives in your heart and guides you daily because you've done the work to transcend.
Inner peace is gratitude for your story because it built your resilience.
Inner peace is knowing that your suffering served a purpose.

I am grateful for the pain that finally got my attention and forced me to go inward seeking answers because it changed my life forever. I freed myself from the chains of deep-seated shame, self-loathing, hopelessness, and helplessness.

Underneath all of the pain, the real Valerie was waiting to be born.
You do the inner work, you reap the rewards. Only you can save yourself and with God's help - your rebirth is waiting for you too. This is my 40! Spiritual Cardiology will be starting again in September reserve your spot now.

Course - Valerie Zepeda


Partial forgiveness is not enough.  Your heart is the gatekeeper to happiness and knows if there is partial pain or anguish present.  You need to fully forgive if you want to cultivate genuine love in your heart towards yourself and others. If you cannot find this mercy, you haven’t forgiven yourself nor made peace with the past.  Choose to fully love yourself and practice empathy because you deserve happiness and a life of abundant love.  Those who hurt you deserve love, compassion and are worthy of empathy.  We know not what they have been through or what their story is, nor the emotional battles they face.  Keep in mind that everyone interprets information based on their own experiences. Therefore, we empathize with that reality within our own consciousness when facing situations.   With this revelation, we do not devalue the situation itself, but we can choose to uproot and release the anger, pain and shame the situation inflicted upon us. Holding on to the negative and oppressive emotions will only create a blockage in our quest for self-love, inner peace, and transparent self-awareness. Whatever is plaguing your heart, you have to let it go.  Reinforce the behavior of forgiveness with compassion as you approach every situation.  The situations that you greet with empathy and compassion, whether from the past or present, will assist in manifesting inward gratitude.  You are not the victim of your past experiences, this mindset will only deflect you from your personal growth. Rather, you are the product of the collective lessons that have contributed to your spiritual growth and the love and compassion you choose to inject into your scars.  The more we practice this system of awareness, the more positive energy we secrete and more light and gratitude will be radiated into the world and ourselves.

The Universe and it’s Messengers

The messages from the universe are everywhere, you just need to pay close attention. The universe conspires to send you what you ask for.  We are living beings, just as plants, trees and animals, we are all made up of cells. Our thoughts or cellular energy we release into the universe attract that into our physical life.  This is the law of attraction. Often times, we miss the signs because we do not pay attention. Everything and everyone you come across serves a purpose.  Be an effective listener and observer.  The universe has postured these exchanges in your life to make a meaningful impact and aid in manifesting your inner desires or perhaps unearth brilliance.

I’ll give you an example.  For the last several months, I have been sorting through my inner truth.  I came to the realization that we all have a story and it’s important to let other women know that they are not alone.  That we all struggle with emotional turmoil, we need to accept it, embrace it and release it.  I thought to myself how can I reach women and provide empowerment and inspiration through my story.  I started writing my ideas down and thought of starting a women’s empowerment group.  The thought lingered for weeks but I kept doubting the idea with “how’s” and “what ifs.” A few weeks ago, I received a random FB invite for a screening of a film. Typically, I don’t acknowledge invites unless it is from a close friend or relative because I get a lot of random event invites from people I don’t really know or rarely interact with. I would’ve generally dismissed it but the title caught my attention, it was called “Goddess Project.” I looked up the trailer and was floored that the film was aligned with my women’s empowerment concept.  On top of that, the screening was taking place on a night I did not have class (I never skip class), there was no way I was going to miss it. The film’s basis was about women’s empowerment through sharing of our stories, it was absolutely riveting to know that my abstract idea was manifested in this film!  I have included the link to the film’s website below, I implore you to please check it out.  Around this time, I was asking the universe to give me a sign of what else I needed to be doing.  I knew the empowerment group was in the right path but I felt as though I was missing a piece of infrastructure.  About a week after seeing the film, someone I recently met took the time to highlight the sense of brilliance, spiritualism and uniqueness they observed in me, essentially they told me I was a nerd (LOL).  But the conversation sparked a philosophical engine that was sort of on idle. I interpreted all of these events as synchronicity. It was almost magical.  From that point on, I couldn’t stop writing, the ideas for blogs keep coming.

This was the universe’s way of telling me that I needed to get this women’s empowerment concept in motion.  The subtle inclination towards writing my ideas down.  The idea for an empowerment group (which I still intend on doing). The women’s empowerment film I saw from that random FB invite that happened to be on a non-school night.  The encouraging encounter which unearthed a philosophical inclination.  All of these signs compelled me to start this blog.

The universe conspires to make all these little things add up to something monumental. The relevant signs are there.  You must be inquisitive while on path to your goals.  Look around, pay attention and be observant.  Learn to interpret and apply the messages you receive to your life, to your story.  When you align these messages with your heart and intuition, you are on your way to actualizing your destiny.

The most important part is to pass along the goodness you receive from the universe. Please take the time to tell other women what you see in them.  Whether it’s uniqueness, creativity, competitiveness, sincerity, brilliance or astounding character, etc. You never know when someone is on the edge of a breakthrough and those few minutes of conversation can thrust them into actualizing something that’s been abstractly brewing.

Here is the link to the film:


Like the spirit of a fierce lioness, the female heart is robust and audacious.  With a bold ability to engage and confront obstacles, we rise triumphantly.  We have the capacity to endure pain, process it, let it pass through and advance graciously.  We see negativity and yes, at times, we feed in but our strong principles remain ascendant and bring us back to our true nature.  We take these lessons and elevate our consciousness.   We wear our scars like crowns. For us, there is no other way than to transform and persist onward. We accelerate forward and advance into our pursuit of bliss.  And despite all of the adversity we’ve repeatedly encountered, we maintain our innate ability to love and nurture.  We are a celestial phenomenon.