Courage to Awaken

To look inside yourself and stir the pot is one of the bravest things you will ever do.  You awaken oppressed dreadful emotions that have unconsciously controlled your behavior for far too long. Initially, these intensely uncomfortable feelings seem overwhelmingly malignant and bring you down.  But in processing them and accepting them, you consequently release them. Imagine going through your whole life carrying this dreadful dead weight.  What a sad and unnecessary burden! As natural as a snake sheds dead skin, we, similarly should practice shedding our dense emotional weight.

So, get out of your comfort zone and face this inner truth head on.  This is subconscious liberation. You are no longer running or avoiding.   You are reflecting.  You are processing.  You are releasing. Therefore, you are brave.

Perception & Vibes

Trust your feelings of discomfort.  You know what feels right and what feels off.  If something feels off, don't lean towards it anymore.  Don't make an announcement about it unless it's something that engulfs your life and you're sure you need out.  If it's a friendship or casual relationship, just gradually distance yourself.  As humans, we are perceptive beings, we know when a relationship isn't uplifting.  Quite frankly, life is much too short to exhaust energy on cumbersome vibes.  Do keep in mind that you are deserving of surrounding yourself with positively genuine energy.  Use your best judgement and diplomatically distance yourself from unfavorable vibes.

Objectively Engaging

When we learn to recognize that other people's actions have nothing to do with us and everything to do with their internal disarray, the less we will feed into the antagonism.  The least attractive fighting fire with fire becomes.  We will have no desire to engage in the battle of the egos.  The more we master this objective frame of mind, the more liberated we will consciously be.  We will confidently enter into conversations with an unbiased mindset ready to actively listen.  We become more mindful of the manner in which we convey our point so as to influence commonality.  Ultimately, absolutely no one will be able to control our mood.  Keep in mind that your inner peace is much too precious to expend on situations that are postured around negativity.