Formless Touch

It's beautiful, isn't it?

The way in which the world emanates radiant forms of love and exudes natural intelligence.

The way in which every human being is of flesh and blood but within each lies a metaphysical kindness.

An utterly delicate heart that beats energetic waves of compassion.

Sure, we're flawed from trauma.

Sure, societal conditioning influences behavior.

Sure, humanity is relationally timid.

Sure, vulnerability is an emotionally foreign affair.

And despite that which intends to drown us in separatism,

we tap into something greater than ourselves, in pursuit of connection.

Deep within the hidden crevices of the human heart lies a sacred integrity.

An innate love for all living beings exists.

Look into the eyes of those whom cross your path and appreciate the weightless souls peeking out.

Always look for the best in people even at their worst, it's an invite to peek inside.

This is when a soul most yearns for connection.

Through a compassionate smile,

funnel energetic transactions with divine greatness,

as you feel a soft rhythmic wind of gentle truth that impresses the hidden crevices in your heart,

A soul is tapped.



And very soulfully she sunk into her chair

Thoughts entered her mind but not like before

For this was a different kind of night

Grace was in the air

Peace drowned her being

She never saw such clarity before

For this was a very different kind of night

Nothing like ever before

She was syncing with her soul

For she was coming home

She loved herself forevermore

There were no more demons left to run from

The universe answered her prayers

For she was finally whole



In the midst of contrast, sparks of desire arise, transcending into cellular combustion manifesting chimes of synchronicity.

Impulsive intuitive alarms ring ever so slightly but loud enough to predicate algorithms of connection.

And there it is again, an abstract inkling of love amplifying hope in it's purest form.


There is a hidden message beneath this unease.  This is where you stop and listen.  This is where you feel and finally release. Ideas of love arise from the most innocent place in your heart. You got lost in an idea, in a personal vision.  Your heart is so pure, that without a single kiss or caress, your vision overwhelmed reality and you were even loyal to the idea of her.  Your belief in love is magical and your purity makes you beautiful. Love is near.