And very soulfully she sunk into her chair

Thoughts entered her mind but not like before

For this was a different kind of night

Grace was in the air

Peace drowned her being

She never saw such clarity before

For this was a very different kind of night

Nothing like ever before

She was syncing with her soul

For she was coming home

She loved herself forevermore

There were no more demons left to run from

The universe answered her prayers

For she was finally whole



And the day arrived when she began to look in the mirror without perturbation. There were no more flaws. Her soul work had paid off. Love arose and everything changed.

Beauty and the Beast

We are the beauty of life and our existence balances the beastly side of it's bearing.  Like the colors black and white contrast, yet compliment one another.  Beauty and beast go hand in hand.  We need to endure the beast in order to highlight and exude our resilience.  It's not that we feed off of life's treacherous endeavors but we all know that lessons make us wiser.  Therefore, the beast distributes wisdom and cultivates our strength.  Lets speak to that strength and exploit our wisdom daily.  As we collectively attend to the highest frequency of our transcendence, the universe becomes a better place.




Don't Underestimate Your Potential

Your potential is real and viable.  Too many times we tend to tell ourselves, "but, what if". Well, what if we told ourselves something different moving forward? How about, "give it your best and hope for the best" or "you got this". Our brain has been on self-doubt auto pilot for much too long.  We are conditioned from a young age to fear the unknown and to be complacent. Complacency is okay for some people.  But you are reading this because you want more and realistically, you are capable of more.  A great way to start shaping this type of mentality is by starting and ending your day with self affirmations.  Tell yourself, with conviction, that you are: bright, capable, smart, driven, confident, relevant, etc. Whatever you struggle with, self affirm the opposite of that.  Without getting too scientific, this practice will direct your brain activity to create new neural pathways which will overlap the insecurity pathway that exists.  Think of it as sort of a detour in your brain, leading to the same lobe where the insecurity exists.  But you are now sending positive affirmation signals instead of all the garbage we've been conditioned to send. This is a long term practice.  You will begin to notice how you gradually begin to speak to your strengths.  We need to unlearn all the negative self talk we've been taught and nurture our cerebral wellness.  Just as we would nurse a wound on our flesh, our brain also needs curative attention.