Objectively Engaging

When we learn to recognize that other people's actions have nothing to do with us and everything to do with their internal disarray, the less we will feed into the antagonism.  The least attractive fighting fire with fire becomes.  We will have no desire to engage in the battle of the egos.  The more we master this objective frame of mind, the more liberated we will consciously be.  We will confidently enter into conversations with an unbiased mindset ready to actively listen.  We become more mindful of the manner in which we convey our point so as to influence commonality.  Ultimately, absolutely no one will be able to control our mood.  Keep in mind that your inner peace is much too precious to expend on situations that are postured around negativity.


Choose You

It is the most painful experiences that inspire you to seek your truth.  We all have experienced pain and I'm sure you've probably asked yourself, why me? The answer is inside of you.  There is some experience from the past that is embedded so deep in you, that you subconsciously allow these painful experiences to reoccur in your physical life.  The subtle inner voice that speaks to you and says, "this is not a life, I am not happy, this can't be it for me, there has to be more to life than this".  That is your intuition, your heart speaking to you.  You must dig deep and find the nucleus of your buried pain.  Process it, forgive yourself and heal.  It is a painful journey with a whirlwind of mixed emotions.  But it is breathtakingly beautiful and liberating to discover and accept your story, to honor your truth.

Ultimately, you will be mindful of your behavior and who or what you let consume your energy. What that means is, staying true to yourself and listening to your inner voice becomes conventional.  This often times requires some sacrifice.  Giving up something to follow that inner voice isn't easy. You must constantly remind yourself of why you choose you. If your heart does not gravitate towards it, get out of it, stop using or consuming it.  Your inner desires are relevant and deserve your consideration.


The anarchy within is your inner beauty.  It is what fuels your life's purpose.  It contradicts your inclination towards normality.  It is what balances your desire to conform to society's expectations.  Embrace this disarray.  For this embrace is all you need to be proudly authentic in a world of clout.