Elizabeth G.

I had been experiencing a lot of self-doubt, and chose this course because I found out about it on the We All Grow Amigas network. I was excited to join a group of Latina women willing to be vulnerable and open. This course helped me understand that surrendering to a higher power will help me on my healing journey. I loved hearing about Valerie’s story because she’s very inspirational! She creates a safe and welcoming place to explore your wounds so you can heal from them. She is honest about the challenges of the healing journey. She shares some of the challenges she faced and talks about the peace she found after facing her traumas. I connected with Valerie and the other women largely because of our shared cultural experiences. I don’t consider myself a religious person, so I was initially hesitant about signing up. But Valerie makes the course welcoming while sharing her own beliefs. As a result, I felt welcomed and was able to explore my own spirituality in a safe space.