I have always taken care of everyone around me first. So when the country shut down, I was determined to finally take the time to heal myself from a lot of deep unresolved trauma. Thankfully, I came across Valerie’s Instagram because I was so hungry for guidance that I jumped on the opportunity to sign up. Throughout the course, Valerie provided us with practices to apply for our day-to-day, and I noticed results on a weekly basis. I was gaining so much clarity and confidence throughout my healing process with the help of Valerie's steps. I loved how we focused on one step per week, and Valerie set very clear instructions on how to apply them. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for significant guidance going through their healing process. I have been following Valerie on Instagram for a couple of years now and watching her personal healing process, which has inspired me. It was hard not to want to join Valerie's course as she shared her amazing healing journey and offered to help others do the same. I am really thankful for having gone through her course, and what made me the happiest is that every step is doable. I still follow many of the steps and will continue to do so.