I was determined to figure out why I stayed in a toxic relationship for so many years. Valerie taught me to evaluate all of my life and find the roots of why my life was the way it was. I liked that she didn't focus on blaming the source of my problems but sought to help me find peace by practicing forgiveness to move on. I would totally recommend this program. It is a great start to working on yourself and breaking generational trauma. I chose to work with Valerie because she had real experiences and really did the work to heal. Her experience is REAL. What made me the happiest was that she guided me. It wasn't about telling me what I needed to do, and she listened without judgment. I finished the program feeling proud of myself for seeking help and putting in the work to pursue self-healing, self-love, and most importantly, self-respect. Thank you so much for teaching me to search within myself to seek true healing and happiness. You are an amazing soul, and your transformation inspires me. You're a true healer.