I decided to sign-up for Spiritual Cardio because I was struggling with shame and self-forgiveness. The negative energy became trapped in my body. It began to make me physically ill, leading to anxiety, sadness, physical and emotional depletion. Call it synchronicity in that Valerie’s program found me right when I needed it most. I learned how to forgive others and myself and experienced how much energy was being sucked out of me by suppressing uncomfortable emotions. I used this newly found energy more deliberately – towards specific goals and repairing relationships that I had neglected (including the relationship with myself). Valerie provided us with "light" assignments divided into 10 distinct lessons. I was shocked that each of the topics resonated with me. Her lectures and examples are delivered with so much delicacy and simplicity, yet the content is robust and thought-provoking. It is virtually impossible to walk away from one of her lessons without reflecting on your own personal experiences and finding heightened enlightenment about yourself (for better or for worse). But Valerie also provides "tools" that allow you to change certain patterns that no longer serve you and evolve into an improved version of yourself (if you do the work). This program provides you with a roadmap. If you commit to following the map, no matter how uncomfortable the journey may become, your greatest moments will eagerly await you on the other side. You will complete the program with an invaluable collection of gems that you excavated along the way – courage, self-love, healing, hope, motivation, emotional intelligence, and tons of energy that will emanate the vibration that will invite what and who you want into your life.