Episode 1

Sobriety cleared the bleak fog from my perceptive lens

It gave me the priceless gift of clarity,

Awarded me the opportunity of experiencing life while living in grace

Introduced me to feeling a sense of security I’d never known

Led me to believe in and romanticize dreams while awake

Reconnected me to my childhood passion and gift

Surprised me with peace and hope in possibility

And unmasked the illusion of suffering –

Suffering is a symptom of addiction

An addiction to thought

An addiction to the chemicals of negative emotion

An addiction to alcohol and drugs

An addiction to powerlessness and helplessness

An addiction to ego

If you can conquer the addiction, you can navigate in the stormiest of skies and still see beauty in life

Sobriety taught me courage

The courage to fight from within and observe my own bullshit

To relentlessly interrogate my inner thorns and flatten their edges

In the end, I got my power back but it’s only the beginning

I am drifting toward the woman I am meant to be

I hope I’ve inspired just a bit of curiosity to hopefully lead you to what your clarity may help you see

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