Episode 1

In the cracks of my heart, I find the scars of my human experience.

They served me well.

They were the anchors through which I laid the foundation of my story.

They were the springboards of my glory and

The circuits through which I activated my connection to God.

Let me teach you how to get there:

Hello, my name is Valerie Zepeda and I am teaching women how to do their inner work in a 10-week live course and I am happy to announce it is starting again soon.

If you feel as though you are running from an inner sadness that you can't seem to shake off and you've tried distracting with work, friends, alcohol, drugs, shopping, or other means that just haven't worked, this may be just what you're looking for!

Please feel free to share this with any woman who may be looking for spiritual growth and healing.

A little about me, I am the creator of Spiritual Cardiology, a live weekly group course that teaches women how to become the archeologists of their story, how to liberate themselves from self-destructive behaviors, and practice self-love on a spiritual level.

Driven by personal experience, my mission is to teach other women the steps I took to make peace with my inner truth, how to surrender the victimhood mentality, and adopt a new perspective: We are not victims of our past but rather the product of collective lessons that contribute to our spiritual growth.

In this live weekly course, we laugh and cry as we unpack the things we try to avoid while reshaping the limiting perspectives that prevent us from tapping into their soul’s beauty. By building a sacred virtual community of like-minded women, where vulnerability and every unique story is celebrated, I am igniting a movement to empower all women to slay their inner demons.

For more info:


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