Episode 1

There is a stillness that is always within. This light is invariably present, not only during meditation. Our world is full of appearances but we are one moment of infinite divinity. Just as the clouds shift through the sky, we see appearances come and go, but the sky lies in stillness. The sky is eternal, infinite, and that is who we are. We carry an infinite light within, a holiness that never subsides, a sacred deep-rooted abundance of grace and love lives within us all. It does not sway as the clouds but rather lies in serenity as does the sky. If we wipe away the ego from our perception's lens, we connect to our own divinity.

But the ego mind blocks this path, it thrives off of obstructing the connection to our divine truth. It creates an inner fog, a darkness that only we feel and project onto the people around us. It pulls us from pleasure to misery constantly, like a psychological tug-o-war. If only humanity could see beyond this facade of the ego and understand the essence of our holy inner identity, our beam of deep-rooted infinite light within, the world would be a better place.

Author's note: It's been one year since I began a journey into the unknown, a journey into spirituality that has adjusted every inch of my perceptive lens and I present this piece of wisdom to you with utter joy in my heart. I wrote this post-meditative piece 03/21/18 at 5:46 a.m.

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