Spirituality Changes You

Meditation isn’t about control. It's about releasing control. You allow your thoughts to flow and pass through. It’s not about stopping them, judging, or containing them. You simply let them be and they pass. And in letting them pass your mind will slow down.

Meditation is about choosing to let go. It’s not hard, that’s what people like to tell themselves. But it is a practice. Just as we condition the body for fitness by going to the gym, we must condition and nourish the spirit.

When you choose to let go, you get closer to your peace. It’s in you and it’s yours. Just as we choose chaos, we can choose peace. We just have to change what we tell ourselves about meditation.

Meditation is practicing patience within and for your mind. The thing is, you have to choose it. And in doing so, you inch toward your higher self.

You tap into God's truth of you. Through this work the essence of your heart is set free, to help you navigate life and become the best version of yourself. The more and the longer you do this work the better your life gets. There’s a beautiful world inside of us all. We just have to practice mercy for our mind and body to connect to it all.

By tapping in, our life must change when we allow God to appear through that eternal loving energy.

Spirituality is a journey into your rebirth.

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