Episode 1

I am grateful for the series of events that led me to be sober today

If these events hadn't happened, I'd still be drinking today

So, every incident that ate a piece of my self-esteem was a win in the long run because I got my esteem back x10

By loving myself the right way, by fighting to love myself despite the years of self-inflicted wounds from inner hate, loving myself was one of the hardest things I've ever done

Saying it and doing it are two completely different things and I did it

I am grateful for God, nature and the cosmos because each time I've asked for guidance and surrendered, God pushed me through it and put synchronistic signs along my journey to let me know I was onto something

Now, I am surer than I've ever been of what my next steps are

I am grateful for another day of life

I have the opportunity to meditate again

To connect with spirit again

To love again

To see sunlight

To dance, to live

To be emotionally free

To be responsible

To be prosperous and abundant

To laugh again

To sing, to witness the moon's light

To kiss my puppy, to smile

God is great and life really is beautiful

What are you grateful for?


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