Episode 1

I have fought so hard to love and respect myself,

to find my voice and defend myself,

to find the courage to protect me.

One of the hardest battles I've faced was finding the strength to protect my heart

which meant losing the person in front of me and continuing life alone into the unknown.

The unknown can be beautiful but I have to confront the fear of never finding love.

I must make peace with it, befriend it, and coexist with it.

I've been looking for love from such a young age

and just when it feels like I've met the right person

the universe shows me it's not them.

The silver lining is this:

As I've grown into who I am today,

I am not afraid to ask questions, seek clarity, fight for truth, and protect my heart.

Whereas before I was desperate to give it away only to have it broken.

Today, I know alone doesn't mean lonely.

It means honoring the value of my heart, the value of my body, and the value of my time and energy.

It means holding sacred the worth of who I've fought so hard to become.

The right one will be available and will only want me.

If you want to learn more about finding your self-worth, I have a free course coming up soon.

Course - Valerie Zepeda

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