Episode 1

The pain in our hearts pumps messages through our veins and ignites the pulses of our destructive needs, and we sprint into action by reaching for the bottle of alcohol or pills, reaching for our phone, reaching for food, or connecting with people who are toxic for our health.

That pulse is a cry out that God wants you to come home, to go inward and find him inside of you. The effect of that toxic sprint grabs our attention – it’s that self-inflicted pain I’ve been talking about. We’re being guided home into our better selves. After treading the muddled path back in, it’s there – our salvation. It’s a home for the brave who dare explore the dark truth of themselves.

Heaven was in us all along. We just needed to go through hell to get there. Why? I don’t know. You’ll have to meditate and talk to God about that. I just know that’s how life works for those who relentlessly pursue inner peace, joy, growth, and wisdom.

I want to guide you there. Spiritual Cardiology starts again in September 2021. Signup for updates below:

Course - Valerie Zepeda

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